Frequently Asked Questions

1.The product works well, but I experience lots of heartburn and flushing/headaches.

For Heartburn . . . this is due to bioprene (Black Pepper)and can be relieved immediately using antacid or Gaviscon.
For Flushing/Headaches . . . try taking 1 capsule daily or alternate days.

2.I am a diabetic and have had bypass surgery,can I use this product?

We don't recommend this product be used by people with previous history of bypass surgery without consulting their specialist/Doctor.
This product has been successfully used in diabetics and patients with metabolic syndrome.
Individual responses vary and patients should see their doctor immediately if they experience problems.

3.Will this product cure my Erectile Dysfunction?

Our product makes no claims to treat or cure any medicinal condition.
NASTI supports healthy erections by increasing blood flow to the penis.
Holistic treatment of ED includes psycho/social, physical fitness and medicinal therapy.

4.How long does the product last in my system after I take it?

Usually lasts no more than 8 hours,but some users have reported positive erection responses for up to 48 hours.

5.Can I use this product together with other products?

No we do not recommend combining our product with other products.

6.Can I use NASTI with alchohol? Will it work if I am drunk?

Nasti is not recommended to be used with alcohol. This product wont work if you are drunk although some users have reported otherwise. Individual results vary.